Only Beautiful - 唯美貌不可辜負
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A story about wacky encounters and life and death situations begins when a young woman obtains a lipstick that allows her to change her past.  

Because of a scar, Su Ye has closed herself off to others. When her grandmother passed away, Su Ye obtains a lipstick that she uses to travel back in time to regain her beauty. In the present, she goes from an ordinary job to working at a four-star hotel and manages to quell any danger that comes her way. In the process, Su Ye meets Huading CEO Han Shao, the man who is tied to how she got her scar in the past. Her actions have a significant impact on his life trajectory. Ji Xiao who has pursued Su Ye for years to no avail becomes Han Shao's personal lawyer. Su Ye returns to high school in order to meet Wan Zi, an old friend whom she has lost contact with. In the present, the dim-witted Wan Zi has become a beauty blogger who is full of hatred towards Su Ye. In trying to find the cause of their misunderstandings, Su Ye realizes that their lives are intertwined. Meanwhile, a conspiracy against Huading Group is brewing from the background.