Hip Hop King – Nassna Street - 힙합왕-나스나길
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A coming-of-age drama that will focus not only on hip hop music, but the evolving world and culture of hip hop itself.

Bang Young Baek (Lee Ho Won)is an 18-year-old high school student in Daegu. He lives with his poorgrandmother. Young Baek loves hip hop music and wants to succeed as a rapper. To pursue his dream, Young Baek goes to Seoul. His life there isnot easy, but he doesn’t give up. He begins to attend Doobak High School. Young Baek meets Song Ha Jin (Lee Na Eun) at school. They develop feelings for each other. Ha Jin wants to become a writer. She has a secret that nobody knows about.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hwang (Shin Won Ho)and Seo Ki Ha (Han Hyun Min)attend the same high school as Young Baek and Ha Jin. Tae Hwang is a rapper and has rich parents who are supportive of his career. He gets annoyed with Young Baek. Ki Ha becomes friends with Young Baek. He wantsto find a girlfriend.