The King of Blaze - 火王之破曉之戰
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A story revolving around the Fire God, the Wind God and the ensuing romance between them as they risk their lives for the sake of their homeland.

Thousands of years ago, there was a beautiful planet amongst the stars where the deities lived. Among them, there were six powerful gods that include the God of Fire, God of Wind and the God of Mountain maintained the peace in the realms. During a dangerous battle with dark forces, the deities suffer a huge blow. Wind is nowhere to be found after rescuing Fire. In order to find an alternate energy source to save their home, Fire travels to the glorious age of Tang Dynasty where he meets a person who looks exactly like his long-lost love, the God of Wind and ignites a complicated romance between the two. 

《火王之破曉之戰》是由胡意涓執導,饒俊編劇,陳柏霖、景甜領銜主演的古裝燃情大劇 。該片講述了火王仲天和奉劍為拯救家園勢與反派進行鬥爭,期間發生了一系列坎坷波折的故事。千年以前,宇宙中有一星域,那里山川秀美,景色宜人。火王仲天、風神千睸、山神帝昀等六位神明在眾神之首尚軒的帶領下共同維護星域的和平。在一次與黑暗勢力​​的對抗中,眾神遭受重創,千睸為救愛人仲天生死未卜,星域面臨滅頂之災。仲天為了尋找拯救家園的能量 ...