Royal Highness - 回到明朝當王爺之楊凌傳
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This is an extraordinary tale of how an ordinary scholar becomes a marquis of a different surname (from the Royal family). With his wife, they go through a poor lifestyle and to repay his wife's unswerving loyalty to him, he goes to the Capital to take the Imperial Examination. By chance, he helps solve a court case and is then tied into the national affairs of the country.

《回到明朝當王爺之楊凌傳》講述了楊凌從一個普通秀才,成為了大明王朝的異姓王爺,實現了其跌宕起伏而又波瀾壯闊的傳奇人生的故事 。弘治年間,秀才楊凌(蔣勁夫飾)大婚當日,突然倒地不起。數日之後,大病初癒的楊凌看著貧困的家境,以及對自己不離不棄的新婚妻子韓幼娘(袁冰妍飾),楊凌頓覺羞愧,當即決定賣掉田地上京趕考。途徑雞鳴驛,楊凌利用自己的聰明才智與博學強聞巧妙的幫助馬昂解除了殺人嫌疑,...