Banzi's Secret Diary (Cantonese) - 潘及的秘密日記
The family of "Banzi" is a dad who goes to a food company, a mother who is a housewife, and a sister "Danzi". 
"Banzi" is a cute girl who likes decorating, hates studying, and values ​​love and friendship.
Her best friends are "Yeng Sim" and "Nyam Nyam".She engages in bizarre and cute things with them.
And her boyfriend is the most popular school in Korea.So she is the happiest girl in Korea.
She is a little younger but she is nice and bright.So her positive energy makes other people feel good.Also, her dreams are manga, and every day is fun with infinite imagination.
It is a secret that "Banzi" and friends will also entertain us with some interesting things today.
The "Banzi" in the "Strawberry" village and the lovely secret diary of your friends will be fresh and youthful.