E.U. Emergency Unit - 學警狙擊
TV Series
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JIANG SHI XIAO (Miu Kiu Wai) is released from jail in Taiwan. Hereturns to Hong Kong immediately and tries to find his daughter JIANGYOU YOU (Elanne Kong) so as to heal their relationship. By pretendingto be friendly with the one who made him in jail, the gang leader TOYIK TIN (Lam Lei), XIAO is eager to get even with him, and also intendsto draw two young policemen to his side in order to strengthen hisinfluence. LEE PAK KIU (Sammul Chan) from the Emergency Unit isreluctant to get close with a gangster while CHUNG LAP MAN (Ng CheukHai, Ron) from Special Duty Squad believes that XIAO could help themfight against TIN by acting as an informer. MAN develops a closerelationship with him gradually but he has been dismissed beforeaccomplishing the task. Afterwards, XIAO takes MAN under his wing andMAN devotes himself to the triad society.

TIN always put XIAO on his guard and he asks his trusted followerLEUNG SIU TONG (Tse Tin Wah) to keep a close eye on XIAO. On the otherhand, XIAO fights back by making use of TIN's wife CHING YEUK SAM (ChowHoi Mei) to strengthen his power in the gang. XIAO eventually becomesthe gang leader and he believes that everything is under control.However, the drug trafficking business keeps running into troubleabnormally. XIAO begins to question the loyalties among his confidants.