War Of The Dragon - 還我本色
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Ko Ka-po (Simon Yam) has joined the Triads and served as the assistant to the gang leader Lee Kwan (Bryan Leung) since he was a teenager. He is sentenced to imprisonment following his conviction for the murder of a police officer and has spent his best years in jail. On his release from prison, Ka-po begins to worry about his future, and is thrown into greater perplexity when he knows that his ex-girlfriend Wong Pui-pui (Mimi Kung) is already married to Kwan. But luckily, with the support of his older brother Ko Ka-kit (Cheung Yick), Ka-po finally manages to set up his own record store. Despite the close relationship between him and Ka-kit, Ka-po has been looked down upon by his sister-in-law Fong Yee-mei (Alice Lau).

Ka-po wishes for a new life but in an attempt to rescue a gang member Wong Sai-leung (Canti Lau), he has no choice to get back involved in gang activity. Undercover police officers Kong Ming (Deric Wan) and Cheung King-to (Anthony Wong) have managed to infiltrate the gang as Ka-po's assistants. Ming and Ka-po have been through a lot together and are both in love with a girl, Yiu Shuk-ching (Yammie Nam). Unfortunately, Ka-po is put in jail again after being framed by Kwan. Will Ka-po turn back on the right path after his release? Will he be able to rekindle his romance with Shuk-ching?

黑道小卒高家寶(任達華飾),重義氣,替李坤(梁家仁飾)頂罪入獄,出獄後知女友王佩佩(龔慈恩飾)已成為李坤妻。家寶無奈之餘,得兄長高家傑(張翼飾)支持,經營唱片生意,卻遭大嫂方綺媚(劉雅麗飾)白眼。黑幫兄弟王世亮(劉錫明飾)被貴利王陷害,家寶毅然相助,從此再捲入黑社會仇殺中。 家寶不時與黑幫對頭抗衡,因而認識大學生姚淑貞(藍潔瑛飾),兩人多次出生入死,感情漸生,而結為夫婦。家寶之患難兄弟江明(溫兆倫飾)實為臥底,一方面替警方通風報信,一方面心中暗戀著淑貞。 婚後,淑貞多次勸家寶收山,但未被接納,因而黯然離去。時家寶勢力漸大,引致坤嫉妒,設計陷害家寶和江明,家寶再度入獄。 家寶出獄後重遇淑貞,為將功贖罪,他提供一切資料,將李坤繩之於法,家寶最後能否洗心革面,重新做人?他與淑貞又會否破鏡重圓?